Main International jury - International competition

Goran Markovic - President
Born in 1946 in Belgrade. From 1965 - 1970, he studies film directing in Prague, Czechoslovakia. After completing his studies, from 1970-1976 he makes documentaries for television. Since 1976, he is filming the following feature movies: "Special Education", "National Class", "Masters, Masters", "Variola Vera", "Taiwan Canasta", "De ja vu", "Collective Center", "Tito and I" "Hilarious Tragedy" "Serbia, the Year Zero", "Cordon" "Tour", "Counterfeiter", " Stowaway on a ship of lunatics" and "Speech issue". He has also recorded medium-length documentaries "Mad People", "Insignificant Heroes" and "Constantine Koca Popovic". In the theater, he directed the plays "Working day" A. Popović, "Belgrade Triology" B. Srbljanović, "Orange peel skin" M. Pelević, "Therapy" J. Cvetanovski and "Golden calf" by Iljf and Petrov. He wrote the play pieces "The Tour", "Speech issue", "Couples", "Villa Sachino", "The Eighth session or Life is a Dream", "Pandora's Box", "Delirium Tremens", "Counterfeiter", "Doctor D., "Little Secrets" and "Masters, Masters". He directed most of them himself. He has published the books "Czech school does not exist", "Tito and I", "A year", "The Eighth session and other dramas", "Little secrets", "Fictional life" and "Three stories about suicide persons". He is a professor emeritus at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade.

Hulya Ucansu
Hulya Ucansu born in 1950. Graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Literature, English Philology (1973-1977) She started working for cinema at the Turkish Cinematheque in 1975. She is one of the founders of the International Istanbul Film Festival. She has directed the Festival for the period of 1983-2006. She has represented her country either as juror or jury president at many festivals like Venice, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, Chicago, Vallodolid, Torino. After she left her job at the festival she lectured at the Kadir Has University (2006-2015). Her books include: Memories of a Long-distance Festival Runner (2012); April, the most beautiful Month (2014); Letters to Onat Kutlar (2016).

Igor Galo
Born in Cuprija, Serbia, Yugoslavia December 5, 1948. After Maribor, Osijek, Sarajevo, Zadar, Knin and Zagreb, he settels down in Pula, Istria 1965 where he finishes high school in 1967. In 1968 he got his first and one of his leading roles in the film “I’ve Got Two Moms and Two Dads” by Kreso Golik one of the most popular Yugoslav films in that time and he’s been a professional actor since. He realized more than 60 film and TV roles, out of which 19 leading ones. 1985 he established the film working association “Histria film”. The same year he directed the short feature film “A Fan”(Navijac), where actor Slobodan Aligrudic made his last appearance in film. In the nineteens' he played leading role in the one of the first Croatian films in the new state Golden Years by Davor Zmegac. Igor Galo is the author of several documentaries and films of specific purpose in Istrian County. He was founder and organiser of International film weekend in Oprtalj (Portole), Istra (1996 – 2000), oriented towards recent film production in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Some important films in which he took important rolls are “Cross of Iron” by Sam Packinpah, MOST (The Bridge) and “Valter defends Sarajevo) by Hajrudin Љiba Krvavac and many international productions and co-productions in Austria, Italy and Germany. In this very moment he‘s preparing his first feature film “Point of no return” in co-production with Srbia & Bosnia and Hercegovina. “Histria film” Pula, Croatia “Histria film” is the film artist organisation for video and film production, established in 1988. in Pula, Istra in Croatia, registered in Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia. ID number 3437205.. During the “nineties” when the political changes and war have terrible influenced in all our activities practically there were not independent film productions in Croatia. There were several co-productions with some film studios from Slovenia, Austria and Germany also. “Histria film” used to offer film service on the location in Croatia and I used to work as location manager in those cases.

Sinolicka Trpkova
Sinolička Melles Trpkova (1965) is a famous Macedonian actress. She has graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts, Department of Drama Actors. As an actor, she has achieved more significant roles in the theater and on the big screen (Happy New 1949, House for Hanging, Tattooing, Gypsy Magic, Student’s Death, Lipstick, etc.). From 1991 to the present day she works at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Skopje, first at the acting department, as an assistant, and then at the Department of Actors play in front of a camera as a lecturer. From 2002 - 2006 she is staying in the Netherlands and working on the project for research of cultural heritage of Southeast Europe in the Netherlands - IISG in Amsterdam (International Institute for Social History). Among other things, she is also author of the book "Actor Play in front of Camera", published in 2016 with the Faculty of Dramac Arts, where she still works as a full-time professor.

Short film jury

Christos Karakepelis - President
Born in 1962. He studied social sciences and film directing. He has written several scripts for documentaries and has also directed documentary series mainly focused on political and social circumstances all over the world. He teaches documentary in The University of Athens to postgraduate students (faculty of cultural studies), in Stavrakos Film School (Athens) and the last three years also runs his own annual documentary workshop which has shaped already a core of young documentarists. Currently works between Greece, Tanzania and China on his new feature and at the same time on the script of his first fiction film. feature films: “The House of Cain” (2000, 35mm / 80min, cut version : 52min) ( First Prize at Nyon International Documentary Festival “Visions du Reиl” ( Audience Award at Munich International Documentary Festival ( FIPRESCI prize at Thessaloniki International Film Festival ( Best Greek Film Award by the Panhellenic Union of Film Critics “Raw Material”(2011, 35mm/78min) ( Best Documentary Award London Greek Film Festival and many other awards )

Marija Dzidzeva
Born 12.24.1970 in Gevgelija, Macedonia. Graduated in Literature (1994), Faculty of Philology and Film and TV directing (2000), Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje. Author of the documentaries and short films: "Miss Amnessia" (2000), "Toni Mandza's List" (2004), "You are Alive" (2005), "Look at Life Through My Eyes" (2008), "Some Other Stories "(2010) –segment "Macedonian Story”, "The Pursuit of Luck” (2013) shown and awarded at international film festivals. Now she works her first feature film “Sacrifice”.

Catherine Habib
After studying litterature and communication, Catherine Habib first works for THE CRITIC WEEKS during two 2 years, than she moves to the French distributor Premium Films which the one she created VODMANIA in 2006. Vodmania is a French video on demand platform dedicated exclusively to shorts films, which works with French internet providers. She is also movie journalist, she animated a lots of interviews which were broadcasted on TV for many years. As a professional she regulary participates to festivals for conferences and juries. She is excited about the possibility to introduce Macedonian and Balkan cinema thanks to Kinenova!

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